Holidays in Benidorm: safe activities for everyone

Benidorm is the best place to come on holiday no matter the time of year. For those who are lucky enough to spend some time here, we’ve compiled loads of activities for you to do in the city so you’ve got from where to choose from!


Route of the #BenidormAwaitsYou benches

We have increasingly got more and more benches with the hashtag #BenidormTeEspera, which means #BenidormAwaitsYou in Spanish. These benches are strategically placed all around the city in the most beautiful spots so you can get to know and see Benidorm from different perspectives.

We encourage you to do the route on foot or by bicycle! Discover here (at the end of the page) where you can find each one of the benches.

#BenidormTeEspera bench at the end of Poniente Beach, in La Cala area. You can see Benidorm's skyline, the blue sky and sea, and a boy riding an e-bike admiring the view.
#BenidomTeEspera bench placed al the end of Poniente Beach, in La Cala.

Bicycle routes throughout Benidorm

Benidorm has had an important increase of the surface destined to bicycles in the last years. That’s why today the city has 91.1 kilometres of bicycle lanes, so you can discover Benidorm while riding a bike and being friendly with the environment.

Here we have many different routes to do while riding a traditional bicycle, an e-bike or even a mountain bike.

Three people who have stopped to take a break while doing a route on a mountain bike. In the backround you can see lots of green spaces, as well as Benidorm's skyline.

Bicycle route through La Huerta de Benidorm

This is one of Benidorm’s most different and least known routes.

Along this route, you will walk through the almond trees in bloom, with the smell of the blossomed orange trees, while discovering little traveled paths deep into the countryside. You’ll see the Puig Campana and Ponoig mountains on one side and Benidorm’s skyline and Serra Gelada mountain on the other, whilst being surrounded by olive fields.

Click on the picture to find out how to get to La Huerta de Benidorm.

Video posted on social network Tik Tok explaining how to get to la Huerta de Benidorm.

Valentine’s Day route for everyone who’s in love

If you’ve come on holiday to Benidorm with your other half, you must check out this route we prepared for Valentine’s Day back in February, where you’ll get to see the most romantic spots in Benidorm.

But you must also go for a stroll through the city’s streets, just so you can enjoy your walk and its surroundings with your significant other.

Click on the picture to discover it.

Video posted on Tik Tok social network, that shows you different places in Benidormthat are perfect to visit with your partner, like the Asia Gardens hotel, or el Mirador del Castell.


Pay a visit to Terra Natura Zoo

In Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice family day out, meeting many different animals in a safe environment.

Some of the restaurants/snack bars are open, but the playground will remain closed for safety reasons. You must access the park wearing a mask and keep it on at all times.

At the moment there’s a discount on the annual pass ‘Family Card’ until the 15th of April 2021. If you wish to buy your entrance ticket ONLINE here’s the link to do so:

Two elephants in Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm. One of them is looking at the camera, and the other one is walking the other way. There's fog in the picture, and the place has some palm trees and a red building.
Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm

Roman Castellum, Tossal de la Cala: time travelling to Ancient History

Discover who Quinto Sertorio was from the exact place where, thousands of years ago, he led his troops and organized the defense of the Tossal de la Cala territory during the civil wars, previous to the Roman Empire.

This roman site is open everyday: from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Castellum Tossal de La Cala, where you can see some stones from the ancient roman site. In the background you can see Benidorm's skyline under a blue sky.
Roman Castellum in Tossal de La Cala, Benidorm

Virgen del Mar Hermitage

Although you’ll have to go up a steep hill on foot to get here, the spectacular views of Benidorm’s bay and skyline will be worth it.

The Hermitage Virgen del Mar (Virgin of the Seas) is located right before the Roman Castellum. You’ll walk along Benidorm’s first ever road built by the romans more than a thousand years ago, as well as learning some more about Benidorm’s history.

Ermita de la Virgen de la Mar situada en  el Tossal de La Cala, en Benidorm. La ermita es pequeña y cuenta con un campanario. Está construida con piedras, y solo se ve iluminada de un lado ya que cuando se tomó la foto se estaba poniendo el sol en Benidorm.
Virgen de la Mar Hermitage

Discover Benidorm on a segway

Why not discover our great city on a segway? With the segway tours you can go all over Benidorm city as well as Serra Gelada Natural Park accompanied by a tour guide to show you the most important spots, in an original, fun, and cultural way.

Group of people on a segway tour through Serra Gelada Natural Park. In the background you can see the Benidorm Island in a deep blue sea. You can also see the Tio Ximo cove surrounded by nature.
Costablanca Tour Services offering guided excursions on a segway around Benidorm and Serra Gelada Natural Park


El Balcón del Mediterráneo (The Mediterranean Balcony)

Located in Benidorm’s Old Town, just beneath the Castell, there’s a big rock that separates the city’s two main beaches, which could perfectly be the most well known and instagramable location in the whole of Benidorm.

The ‘Replaceta del Castell‘, also known as ‘El Balcón del Mediterraneo’ (the Mediterranean Balcony) or the Castell’s lookout, is a marvelous place from where you’ve got a panoramic view of both Levante and Poniente beaches, as well as Benidorm’s Island, and from where you can see some lovely sunsets and sunrises too.

In this area you can also visit the San Jaume and Santa Anna Church, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to listen to its fantastic organ. You can also wander through Benidorm’s Old Town streets.

Replaceta del Castell, or better known as El Balcón del Mediterráneo (the Mediterranean Balcony), in Benidorm. You can see the Mediterranean Sea of a dark blue colour, and in the back you can see Benidorm's Island.
Replaceta del Castell, Benidorm

Levante and Poniente promenades

They’re possibly the two most iconic promenades of the Spanish coast, and between them they add up nearly 10 kilometres (that’s more than 6 miles!) of seafront for you to walk along, ride a bike, or jog, whilst you refresh yourself with the sea’s positive energy and the vitamin D from the always sunny Benidorm.

Throughout these two promenades (Levante and Poniente) you’ll find practically impossible to not stop and buy a home made ice cream, delight yourself with a paella in front of the Mediterranean Sea, or stop and enjoy a cocktail in the sun.

Poniente promenade seen from above. You can see the rainbow colours and the wavy shape of the promenade; Benidorm's skyline, and the Mediterranean Sea.
Poniente promenade, Benidorm

Parque de Elche (Elche Park)

Located at the beginning of Poniente promenade, in the centre of Benidorm. To go on a walk through this park is delightful, because apart from being amazed by all the different types of palm trees you can find here, you’ll be able to listen to the sound of the waves as you’re right next to the sea.

It’s one of the most emblematic parks in Benidorm that includes public toilets, a sculpture recreating the Dama de Elche (Lady of Elche), and a fountain that has a lovely story to it. You cannot leave this park without having seen a phrase full of hope, said by Pedro Zaragoza, written on a rock hidden somewhere in the park.

Parque de Elche in Benidorm, placed next to the  Poniente Beach, where you can see a fountain with a light blue colour water, and palm trees surrounding the whole place.
Parque de Elche

Benidorm, an open-air museum

Can you imagine enjoying an art exposition in a place like Poniente Promenade or throughout Benidorm’s streets? Well you can find just that in this wonderful city, because there’s loads of different places around the city that have different art expositions. If you can’t go to museums, Benidorm will bring the museums to you.

You can find these Urban Art Spaces here:  Urban Art Space Els Tolls, Urban Art Space Los CarrascosUrban Art Space El Puente and Poniente Promenade.

Urban Art Space in Els Tolls, Benidorm. You can see different photographs of different artists placed in street billborads. In one of these billboards you can see two pictures of the sunset with the colours blue, pink and orange, one in a field and the other in the sea. In another billboard you can see a picture of a giraffe.
Urban Art Space Els Tolls

Park of L’Aigüera, Benidorm’s green lung

The Park of l’Aigüera, where you can find the amphitheater, the bullring, and the Julio Iglesias auditorium. This park, which was designed by the famous catalan architect Ricardo Bofill in the 80s, is considered Benidorm’s green lung or Benidorm’s “Central Park”.

It is an ideal place in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy a peaceful walk through its straight path, alongside the palm trees and nature, which will make of this green space a true pleasure to be in.

Park of l'Aigüera in Benidorm. You can see a path alongside a line of flowerpots and palm trees. In the background you can see Benidorm's Town Hall, and some people walking.
Park of l’Aigüera


Séquia Mare Park

It’s one of the biggest green spaces in Benidorm, and the favourite one of many sports and nature lovers. Here you can go for a jog, ride a bike, there’s a skate park, a spot to practice calisthenics, and in the future there will also be a climbing wall.

We also must mention the Séquia Mare’s history, as this park was made in honour of the events occurred in the 15th century, when Benidorm declared its independence from Polop thanks to being able to conduct water to the city. You’ve got the full story here.

Park with many trees, perfect to go with pets. It's surrounded by a path for cyclists and pedestrians.
Séquia Mare Park

Foietes Park

Foietes Park is located next to the town’s sports centre, and it has big green spaces, many centenary trees, and a few playgrounds for children to have fun too.

This park also has 300 free parking spaces, a 4km path for joggers and cyclists, and a big area full of trees that give the park a nice green colour.

Foietes Park in benidorm. You can see a girl running in the entrance of the park, and in the background you can see the city's skyline.
Foietes Park

Serra Gelada Natural Park, an ecotourism symbol

With a 5,564 hectare surface, 4,920 of which is in the sea, makes this a perfect natural place to explore on foot, on a bicycle, using a kayak or a boat.

The Serra Gelada Natural Park won the second prize to “Sustainable City”, among 300 other cities, awarded by the ‘Forum Ambiental’ Foundation.

From this mountain you can admire the incredible cliffs, or reach the ‘Punta de l’Escaleta’ or the ‘Punta de l’Albir’. You can also visit different caves like the ‘Boca de la Ballena’ (The Whale’s Mouth).

Serra Gelada Natural Park. You can see a group of 4 people looking out to the sea and the big cliffs. The sky is blue, and the sea is shining thanks to the rays of sun.
Serra Gelada Natural Park

An that’s it for today! Now you’ve got more than fifteen activities to do for when you next come to Benidorm.

And you know what we’re going to say now… #BenidormAwaitsYou today, tomorrow, and always.

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