How to beat the heat in Benidorm? Your ultimate guide to a cool summer

How can a city famous for its constant sunshine also be a haven from the heat of the summer? Benidorm can be a refuge from the heat and we will tell you all about it in this article, your ultimate guide to enjoy a cool and nice summer in Benidorm.

Shaded Areas, your best allies

You can enjoy a walk around the city without suffering the heat. Benidorm is full of pedestrian areas with generous shades, thanks to the presence of numerous trees and awnings. Places like L’aigüera Park, Moralet Park, Triangular Square and Mediterranean Avenue, all of them perfect for taking a long walk around the city.

Also, walking between skyscrapers has many advantages. Thanks to their height, the shadows that they cast on the streets allow us to enjoy a cool walk.

Parque Moralet Benidorm

Cool Accommodation for all: rest and refresh

Benidorm has a huge offer of accommodations with air conditioning, which guarantees cool and comfortable nights, even during the hottest days. But not being hot in Benidorm is not only due to air conditioning systems.

The famous “Spanish nap” takes on special importance in summer, being a habit perfectly adapted to high temperatures. Many accommodations are prepared to enjoy a relaxing nap during the hottest hours of the day, helping you recharge batteries and avoid the heat.

And what about enjoying the sea breeze while resting? Thanks to the height of the buildings, when opening the windows you can feel the refreshing sea breeze, turning the summer hot into a nice coastal breeze.

And, as if that were not enough, most of the accommodations in Benidorm have swimming pools, where you can take a refreshing dip at any time of the day. So, even on the hottest days, you can stay cool and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Skyline Benidorm

Water activities, the perfect antidote to the heat

The city offers a wide variety of water activities that will guarantee fun and freshness. You can practice water sports like diving and snorkeling, visit the Waterparks like Aqualandia or Aqua Natura, or simply enjoy a swim on the beach.

Tips to stay cool in Benidorm

In addition to all this, here are some additional tips to keep you cool:

  • Hydrate regularly, even if you’re not thirsty. 
  • Use sunscreen and wear light, breathable clothing.
  • Engage in outdoor activities during the coolest hours of the day.
  • Eat light food, like our rich Mediterranean diet or enjoy an ice cream on the beach, in one of the 5 ice cream parlor.

Now that you have all the secrets to not suffer from the heat in Benidorm, are you ready to enjoy a cool and fun summer? Benidorm awaits you with open arms!

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