1. Let the #Benilovers “invade” your room.

We know for sure that it is much better to discover Benidorm by yourself and live unique experiences in the city.  Due to#BenidormStaysAtHome, why not take the #Benilovers’ adventures to your room?

We can all recharge ourselves with positive energy by seeing the happy faces of the #Benilovers as they explore the Sierra Helada natural park on an electric bike or bathe with sea lions at Aqua Natura. Their smiles are contagious!

2. Visit the best beaches in the world from your living room.

#StayAtHome, put on your swimsuit, sunglasses and don’t forget your sunscreen. Now you just have to choose your favorite beach (Levante, Mal Pas or Poniente) and enjoy this 360º tour.

Don’t forget to change the carpet for the beach towel, take a good book and relax, Benidorm with its sound of the waves and its golden sand beaches makes us dream of being there. If you pay attention you will even hear the seagulls. We will bring the beach to your home

3.  Bring out the chef in you!

We’d love to see how your culinary creations look, share them on your social media and tag us. Click on the image and discover this, and many other delicious recipes of a lifetime.

4. Feel like a bird flying over Benidorm.

If Benidorm is amazing on the ground, imagine the views from the heights. What a view the birds have when they fly over the skyscrapers and the bay.

Thanks to drone technology, you don’t have to wear the wing suit or build a homemade helicopter. Buckle up, put the fan in front of your face (optional), relax and enjoy the flight.

5.  Share your photos of Benidorm and win a trip to the city.

You probably have the film with hundreds of beautiful photos of Beni.  We know the city is very photogenic! If we add your talent in taking photos and the contest we have launched in photography, what are you waiting for?

Send us your 3 best photos and you can win 2 nights in a 3 star hotel *** in Benidorm “by the face”. Win the prize and be one of the first to make your dreams come true.  Ah, the prize is for two people, sharing everything is better. 

Participate here and good luck.

6. A journey through time to discover the secrets of ancient civilizations.

The truth is that a visit to Terra Mítica Benidorm is always a great plan for the whole family. You can explore Ancient Egypt, Imperial Rome, even meet Hercules with this virtual tour of Terra Mítica Benidorm in 360º.

And for the bravest, we invite you to enter the Labyrinth of the Minotaur (if you dare). We don’t guarantee that you will find your way out.

Ave Fenix, Terra Mítica Benidorm.

7. Explore the fauna and flora of the 5 continents without leaving home.

Take out your inner explorer and look for the Asian elephant or the South American jaguar. Have you ever seen the birth of a rhinoceros? The animal park Terra Natura makes it very easy for us to travel the world without leaving home, by clicking here.

You can let the kids do the work, while you do some sport.  Although it’s a great plan for the whole family 😀

8.  Become a Fit Benilover.

Sport is helping us to manage it better, and it also helps us to stay in shape and not to gain weight. What we know for sure is that with the Netflix marathons you want everything except an apple, jaja.

That’s why we share this video with you, where Juanan, our Benilover runner, runs part of the #BenidormHalf circuit. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a treadmill at home, it’ll be like being in Benidorm.

Si como nosotros eres de los que no tienen cinta en casa, pues a mover If, like us, you are one of those who don’t have tape in the house, then move furniture and clear the living room and that your imagination do the rest. We will burn the calories!

9. Go on a virtual holiday to Benidorm.

All this will pass. Of that we have no doubt. Now it’s time to dream about your next holiday on the best beaches in the world. Dream, get inspired, and plan your next holiday in Benidorm with us on our website www.visitbenidorm.co.uk , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and on our Youtube channel.

10. Bring out your Cervantes and win a trip for 2 people to Benidorm.

Now that we have a lot of time at home, it’s a good time to show off the writer in you. Take part in our story competition, send us your story from Benidorm and maybe you will be the winner.

Your stories will be read by other #Benilovers like you, helping them dream and get through these weird days better. Participate here, good luck!

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